The Era of independent super-teams and city-centered heroes is coming to a close. Corporate globalization, international terrorism, and non-governmental operators have lessened the importance of national borders and the effectiveness of governments to react to emergencies around the world. Threats from master villains like Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon, teams like Eurostar and the War Machine, even organizations like VIPER and DEMON have long taken advantage of nations’ reluctance to pursue them across borders and jurisdictions to thrive and wreak havoc for a generation or more. In a world where natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and severity, tragedy knows no borders.

To this end, the United Nations Tribunal on International Law (UNTIL), has developed through their Office of Superhuman Affairs Superhero Liaison Program, a new project; the Crisis Response Force. The Crisis Response Force recruits active superheroes throughout the world to enlist as heroes as a special “on call” agent, ready at any moment to react to any crisis throughout the world.

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UNTIL Crisis Response Force

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