Campaign Guidelines

Characters in the UNITL Crisis Response Force are built as “Important” Superheroes with 400 points and 75 points of matching Complications as described on Page 9 of the Champions Complete Rulebook

Maximum Character Points from a single category of Complications = 50
Maximum Active Points for any single Attack = 60
Maximum Active Points for any single Defense = 60
Literacy is free for the character’s Native Language

All Characters must have the UNTIL Crisis Response Force Package Deal
Fringe Benefit: UNTIL Jurisdictional Authority = 5 points
Computer Link : UNTIL Network Access = 5 points
Fringe Benefit: Recruit Level UNTIL Security Clearance = 7 points

Social Complication: Subject to UNTIL Orders (Very Frequently/ Major) = 20 points

Starting Characters may have more points invested in any of the Perks, or even other Perks related to the Package Deal (like UNTIL Rank which would reflect more official involvement with UNTIL) but the Package Deal listed above lists the minimum mandatory Perks and values for members of the Crisis Response Force.

Campaign Guidelines

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