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The UNTIL Crisis Response Force is an open, organized play campaign using the Champions Complete Rulebook from HERO Games.

The campaign is set in the current incarnation of the Champions Universe and heavily involves the organization UNTIL. Although not required to use, these books in order to play or run in this campaign, they are invaluable resources and come highly recommended.

Character Creation guidelines can be found Here

DISCLAIMER (and Credit where Credit is due)
Please note that the UNTIL Crisis Response Force Organized Play Campaign is not part of or related to HERO Games or Defenders of Justice, Inc. in any official manner what-so-ever. The rules for Champions Complete, the Champions Universe, including UNTIL and all published characters are their Intellectual Property, and The UNTIL Crisis Response Force Organized Play Campaign is using these resources in a way that presents no challenge to the trademarks and copyrights this material is under.

Main Page

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