Organized Play

Organized Play is a style of campaigning that can involve multiple characters and multiple GMs operating in a shared campaign, using pregenerated adventures, and maintaining consistent characters. Missions are often single-session adventures that take roughly four hours of play to resolve, and the characters and GMs could change with each session.

As this Organized Play campaign expands, Players will be able to take their UNTIL Crisis Response Force characters to different venues to share games with other players, GMs and characters in other cities, regions and states, thwarting Evil and defending Freedom anywhere there is a need for heroes.

Organized Play is a great way to get in touch with new local players and GMs, meet new friends and find regular play opportunities without having to develop, maintain and schedule a traditional campaign.

Alternatively, the UNTIL Crisis Response Force can be used as the framework for private campaigns, using the missions, guidelines, rewards, and even player and character registration to enjoy a more traditional campaign environment.

Because Organized Play takes place in a shared-world environment, additional rules are required to ensure that all players at all tables share a similar experience, no matter who is running the game. These specialized rules can be found in the UNTIL Crisis Response Force Recruit’s Handbook page.

Organized Play

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